Advanced settings

Make the booking experience even more custom for your guests by setting up custom images and your own messages.

Changing capacity or tableplans for a specific period (Special opening times)

Overwrites are used to change the capacity, opening hours or table plan.

How to close a day

To close a day either go to the application or

Dynamic Data

Use Dynamic data in the templates. Add guest information, booking information and restaurant information

Upload pictures

Upload pictures for your online calendar & profile.

Manage restaurant areas

o add or edit an area, go to the admin menu in the top right corner.

Online booking rules

Change your rules for the online booking at

Guest booking messages

Customize the messages to your guests

Guest booking conditions

Have guests accept conditions when making a booking

Order management tool

To use the Internal Order System, first go the “Settings”, and checkmark “Enable Internal Order”.

Custom booking length

Offer your gets a choice of different booking lengths

Custom email template

Only available for Business, Enterprise and Chef’s Table

Attach files to bookings

Add files to booking.

Waiter messages for bookings

To add an internal message on a booking, open the booking and write the message under “Restaurant Note”

Manage Initials

Add, edit og delete intials.


Print function sheets or booking lists.

Email and SMS logs

In Booking Information/Details you are able to the latest sent SMS and Emails

Multiple languages in the online booking

Offer your guests to select the online booking in different languages

Special Days

Add a note on a date on the booking calendar. Either a Closed or Open date.

Contact person

Use contact person to better control your groups

Send SMS to bookings for a single day

How to send an SMS to all bookings on a day

Conflicting Bookings

See potential No-Show guests