Booking view/approach

There are three ways to show bookings in DinnerBooking; List, Table plan and Time plan

All three ways to show booking represent the same underlying data, which however, will be shown in different ways. When Table plan or Time plan is selected the List will be shown to the left.
Table plan and Time plan can only be displayed when an opening period is selected:

Here’s a picture of the booking list and the table plan

Time plan vs. Table plan

While The table plan is used to manage the overall configuration of booking placement and capacity, the time plan is used as a capacity overview tool and is therefore better suited to move bookings to other tables, especially during service.

A booking can be moved up/down Left/right in order to adjust arrival time, booking length and number of assigned tables.

When hovering the cursor above a booking, two small arrows will appear in the beginning of the booking. Click these to adjust pax. (this option can be enabled/disabled under program settings)

Also note the following action key combinations in the time plan.

  • CTRL – Hold down in order to move booking horizontally
  • SHIFT – Hold down and drag a booking in order to duplicate it to another table
  • ALT – Hold down in order to replace a single table in the booking (if the booking as more than one table). If you replace the table on top of one of the other existing tables in the booking, the edited table will be removed from the booking
  • A (+CTRL) – Hold down in order to fit/adjust the booking into a space with less time available than the edited bookings booking length.