Opening times

Manage the standard opening hours and capacity

The window for opening hours (weekly schedule) accessed via the Administrator menu: In the Administrator menu, choose the right restaurant to the left and the right area to the right.

Then click on the calendar box with the clock to open the weekly schedule menu.

In the opening window, there are seven tables – one for each day of the week (shown in red frame):

A new opening period can be made by pressing “New” on the given day.
It is then possible to set the time and capacity to the right in the picture (shown in green frame)

To begin choose:

  • Start period
  • Start time
  • Max bookings total – Max number of bookings in the opening period
  • Max PAX total – Max number of PAX in the opening period
  • Standard length – Time in minutes as the booking select as default

In each 15 minutes time interval  between the start time and stop time it is possible to set 4 capacity characteristics

  • Internal Max bookings – Max number of bookings at the specific time
  • Internal Max PAX – Max number of PAX at the specific time
  • Online Max bookings – Max number of online bookings at the specific time
  • Online Max PAX online – Max number of online PAX at the specific time

The numbers in each column is by default set to 999, which means that they then have no influence. If there is a need for more precise control of the bookings and PAX it is possible to change each column to the numbers that suites the restaurant. In Cell properties you can select to edit All down, All up, Single, Every other down, every other up.

Example of setup

In this example we allow guests to book every half hour, with a maxium of 5 bookings or 20 guests.
In the middle of the evening we limit the availability in order to fill the restaurant twice.

At the bottom of the window a table plan (seating plan) can be attached. If a table plan is attached it will be taken into account along with the opening period and the above mentioned capacity management.

When the time period is set, it will appear under the weekly schedule: Details can always be edited by clicking on the individual opening period. Opening times and their capacity settings can also be copied to other weekdays by right clicking. At the bottom left of the window it is even possible to download/copy the complete opening plans from other existing areas.

Also known as periodic templates.

Opening hours – Video guide