Events and tickets

How to sell tickets for an event.

Sell tickets via DinnerBooking for a special event, for example, Wine Makers Dinner, New Year’s Eve or similar

The guests pay directly when making the booking.
The paid bookings go directly into your system, and can follow your normal capacity and table plan.
An override can also be made to follow special rules for the day.

For override setup see:

To set up an event, go to:

Overview of sold tickets

Manage the tickets sold in the bottom right corner

The details can also be found the system, under Ticket Detail and Payment.

Cancel Tickets

To cancel and refund the entire order or a single ticket, right click on the booking.

Under payments select either Cancel PAX or Cancel Entire order

  • Cancel PAX – checkmark the tickets you want to refund, and click OK
    The booking will adjust to the new number of PAX
  • Cancel entire order – Leave Enter Penalty amount empty for a full refund.
    In case of late cancellations, you have the option to keep an agreed amount. Enter this amount under Enter Penalty Amount
    The booking will automatically be deleted.

Cancel a ticket – Video guide