Booking statistics

To create a statistic over a certain period, go to “Booking Information/details”

Select Booking Statistics in the tabs.

Select Start & End date

Select the search criteria

  • Area – If the restaurant have more than one area, a certain area can be selected
  • Booking Status – Search specific on: Current booking, Waiting list bookings, Deleted bookings or No Show bookings
  • Booking Type – Use this to search only Internal made booking, or only Online bookings
  • Partner – If Online is selected in Booking Type, it is possible to search bookings made from Facebook,, the restaurants own website, or Events bookings
  • Interval – Show data combined in Years, Months, Weeks or Days
  • Booking/PAX – Show either Bookings or PAX in th Y-axis
  • Booking Time – Search Execution to show data from the date the guests was in the restaurant. Search Reservation Time, to show data from when then booking was created