GTM – Ready-to-use

By importing our ‘almost-ready-to-go’ container

Step 3.0 Configure your Google Tag Manager Account

We’ve done all the work for you so you can simply import our ‘almost-ready-to-go’ container. Simply download this JSON file, and then in your Admin Settings click ‘Import Container’

Step 3.1 By importing our ‘ready-to-go’ container

Import Your Container

Then, click the ‘choose container file’ button and find the above file you downloaded.

If this is a brand new container you created click ‘Existing’ under ‘Choose Workspace’. And then ‘Overwrite’ as your import option. 

If you have existing settings in your Tag Manager account you’ll want to make the best decision based on what’s there. If you’re not sure, reach out to an Analytics Consultant for support. 
You should see something like the following showing you what’s going to be imported. Click ‘Confirm’.

Get Rid of Settings You Don’t Need

We’ve set this account up so it has everything you’d need for each ad platform. But if you don’t have ads set up on those platforms, you’ll want to remove those settings right away so your account isn’t more complex than it needs to be. 

If you are not using the following, you’ll want to follow the steps below to delete them: 

  • Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

If you are using all three, skip to the next configuration step!

To delete the settings for one or more of the above, from your Workspace dashboard, click “Folders”.

You should see a folder for each type of ad. Click to expand the one you want to delete, and click on the first setting in that folder.

And then click the three dots in the top right, and ‘Delete’.


It might seem tedious, but it’ll make your account much easier to use.

Update Your Unique IDs

Now, in order for this container to send your data to the right places, you need to grab your unique ID’s. Have the following handy and ready to copy-paste. 

Navigate to the Folders dashboard in your Workspace settings.

Publish Your Container

Once you have updated all applicable “UPDATE ME” settings, you have successfully configured your container! Now, you need to “Publish” or “Submit” it so that it actually runs.

In the top right, click the “Submit” button

It will then ask you to put in some details about what you did (so you can easily reference it later). We recommend putting something like “Configured DinnerBooking Imported Container” and then hit ‘Publish’

And you’re done! 🍷

We recommend double-checking that the numbers compare to your sales data after a week or two to confirm that things are within 10-20% accuracy. If you’re noticing significant variances or issues, you may want to consult an Analytics consultant.