GTM – Manual Refund setup

This simple setup in Google Tag Manager will enable you to track refunds on restaurant bookings in Google Analytics.

For this feature to work, you must first remember to set up your basic, pageview and conversion settings.

Step 1

First, create the trigger. The trigger will be a simple window load and not a custom event.

  1. Add trigger name: Pageview – Cancel booking
  2. Add trigger type: Window Loaded
  3. Set this trigger fires on to: Some Window Loaded Events
  4. Set fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true to: Page URL + Contains + /bookings/cancel_message/
Set trigger name

Step 2

  1. Add Tag Name: GA3 – Refund – DinnerBooking
  2. Add Tag Type to: Google Analytics: Universal Analytics
  3. Set Track Type to: Event
  4. Set Category to: Enhanced Ecommerce
  5. Set Action to: refund
  6. Set Label to: {{Page Path}}
  7. Set Non-Interaction Hit to: True
  8. Set Google Analytics settings to: Google Analytics tracking ID or access step 4 here.
  9. Set Enable overriding settings in this tag to: ✅
  10. Under More Settings, go to E-commerce and set Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features to: True
  11. Set Use Data Layer to: ✅
Set up tag part 2

Step 3

  1. Add the trigger from step 1
  2. Press Save.
Add trigger to your tag