Google Tag Manager

DinnerBooking also support the use of Google Tag Manager tags. GTM often removes the need to use any other tracking scripts, as these can be inserted via GTM.

Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags on your website or mobile app from a web interface.

Consider Tag Manager if you need:

  • The ability to deploy and modify both Google and 3rd party tags
  • The ability to deploy and modify tags for both web and mobile apps
  • The ability to deploy and modify tags on the fly from a web interface
  • Collaboration and versioning capabilities

If you currently use Tag Manager, you should continue to do so. Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform tags are fully supported by Tag Manager, and there is no need to deploy additional gtag.js-based code on your site if Tag Manager is already in use. If you’re already using gtag.js, you can always upgrade to Tag Manager at a later date.

It is a good idea to set cross domain tracking with – se an example of this here in the ‘GA config’ illustration below.

Google Analytics inside Google Tag Manager configuration

Why can’t I selecet elements with { { and } }?

Those are variables, and if they are not set, you can not select them. See this short video on setting up variables.