Upload pictures

Upload pictures for your online calendar & dinnerbooking.com profile

To upload pictures on DinnerBooking, go the Admin page on dinnerbooking.com (Click the DinnerBooking logo in the top right corner of the application).

Select Upload Pictures under General Settings

Pictures can be uploaded to two places.
On your online booking calendar and on your dinnerbooking.com profile.

Online booking picture
The online booking picture is for your booking calendar.
It is shown when a guest is creating an online booking
It is only possible to have one picture

Restaurant picture
Restaurant pictures are for your profile at dinnerbooking.com.
Multiple pictures can be uploaded.
We suggest having pictures of the restaurant and atmosphere. If pictures of the menu is uploaded, then remember to update the pictures when the menu change

Resize image tools

Change the Online Booking Picture by Browse your computer, select a file, and upload it.
The picture has to be 545×700 pixels

Resize image to 545 x 700 pixels

Add pictures to the dinnerbooking.com profile under “Restaurant Pictures”.
The pictures must be minimum 530×250 pixels or similar ex. 1060×500

Resize image to 1060 x 500 pixel  🔗

Remember to make sure you own the rights to the pictures before uploading.