Daily use

Handle bookings and guests on a daily basis.

Make a booking

Once a day/period is open, it is possible to make a booking.

Edit booking

Edit a booking by clicking the “Edit Booking” icon the button left corner.

Delete booking

Bookings can be deleted by clicking on the booking so it is highlighted.

Waiting list

The waiting list can be used during periods with a full restaurant.

Set booking status

Manage you booking during service, by setting booking status.

Notes for bookings

To add an internal message on a booking, open the booking and write the message under “Restaurant Note”

Search booking

You can search in bookings by using the search window by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Switch table

If you wish to switch a booking between two tables it can be done either on the List or the Time plan.

DinnerBooking App Hotkeys

Overall short cuts