Waiting list

The waiting list can be used during periods with a full restaurant.

Here you can add potential guests to a waiting list during fully booked periods, making it easy to contact them in case of cancellations. Overall sequence can be set via column sorting (click on the column title to sort by).

The waiting list shows information relating to the guests who have signed up: The time the guest is interested in getting a table, PAX, guest’s first and last name, company, any text that may be entered by the employee who created the guest on the waiting list.

It is possible to navigate around by using the left mouse button. If you double-click with the left mouse button on a guest a window opens where it is possible to edit the waiting list information for this specific booking. In addition, there are four buttons attached to the waiting list. These buttons are shown below:


Add to waiting list Opens a window where it is possible to add a guest on the waiting list.

Edit guest on the waiting list. Opens a window where it is possible to edit the active guest on the waiting list.

Remove guest from waiting list.

Make booking by moving the guest from the list. Move the guest from the waiting list to booking window to make a booking.

Online Waiting list

Have guests sign up for you waiting list, if the restaurant is fully booked, or their preferred time aren’t available.

In the online booking an ‘Add to waiting list’ option is added

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