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We have created a lot of small guides on how to use the system.

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Most used guides


Closing a single day is quick and easy. Simple go to the day, if the stop sign, select entire day and save.
Closing a period is quickly done on dinnerbooking.com, under Special Days.

See more on how to close a single day or a period here

Redeeming a gift card is really easy. Remember to check the gift card while the guest are still in the restaurant.
Type in the gift card code or scan the QR code.

See where to type the code here

If you want to open up capacity on times, that are normally not available, you need to create a Special Opening Time.

See how to create Special Opening Times here

Yes, multiple areas can be added in “Areas”*.
Areas can be either online or offline. Once you added a new area, opening times and table plans can be added to it.

See more about creating and edit Areas here

*Solo are limited to one area

First of all, you need to be logged in with a Admin access.
Right click on the booking you would like to refund, when click Payment.

See more about how to refund a prepayment here

Event & Tickets can be setup on dinnerbooking.com. This can be used to sell tickets to an event like Wine Makers Dinner, New Year’s Eve etc.

See a full step by step guide here

Initials are created by adding new users. Once a user is created the initails we be available.
You may have to restart the program to get the new initials

See how to add new users here