Optional Modules

Language packageA monthly fee for the language package. Allows to have the online booking in multiple languages with unique links for each language
Online Waiting ListA monthly fee for online waiting list. Your guests will have the option to add themselves to your waiting list
Automized reconfirmationThe guests receives an email to reconfirm their bookings.
Minimize no-shows by letting your guests reconfirm their booking before arrival
Online custom booking lengthMonthly fee of Custom Booking Length.
Online Custom Booking Length gives you the option to offer multiple booking lengths or choices in the online booking
Booking ConditionA one time fee for coding your Online Booking Condition, which forces the guest to accept certain requirements you may have.
API Data accessMonthly fee for access to API integration. Use
the module to extract various data from DinnerBooking with access to dataflow provided by API