On dinnerbooking.com, go to “Online Booking”, and “Special Days”

Under Actions in the top of the page click ‘New Special Day’

General Info
Name – Internal name that make it easier to navigate your special days

Closed For
– Onlinebooking only; Closed for online bookings. Still possible to create internal bookings and edit booking
– Entire System; Closed for online bookings, and internal bookings. Not possible to edit bookings either.

Calendar Rule
– Start Date; First date of the period you want to close
– End Date; Last day of the period you want to close

Time Rule
– The times selected under Time Rule, is being closed.
– To close a day completely leave the times from 06.00 – 03.00.
– To add a note to a open day, select 06.00 – 06.15, where the restaurant is closed anyway

Restaurant Area
– Select the areas the Special Day should apply at

– Write a note to the guest. Could be Closed for Christmas
– If you have multiple languages in the online booking, remember to add the text in all of them