Manage restaurant areas

Have multiple areas either for online or internal use.
With more than one online area, they guests will have the option to book in one or another.

Create or manage

To add or edit an area, go to Daily Use, and then Areas

To add a new area, click Actions -> Add area
To edit an area, just click on the area you want to edit.


  • Area Name
    Name the area
  • Description
    Give the area a short description, so guests can see the difference booking the areas.
    The description will be shown in the online booking calendar.
  • Area Priority
    Give the area a priority. The area with the highest number will be shown above the other areas.
  • Online Availability
    Set if the area should be online or offline
  • Status
    Set the status of the area. Current is active and live. Hide it the area, if it only should be availble for event bookings.
    Delete the area, if its no longer needed.