Special opening times

Special Opening Times are used to change the capacity, opening hours or table plan, on a single day or a shorter period of time.

Find your Special Opening Times

Go to the Administration menu in the left side, and click “Daily Use” -> “Special Opening Times”

Create a new Special Opening Time

To create a new Special Opening Time, either click “New” or “Copy from opening times” in the bottom
“New” is used to make special opening times on days without openings, or if the new rule is very different from normal.
“Copy from opening times” is used when small changes are needed.


The start- and end date, times, Total capacity, and week days within the period can now be selected.

The capacity for the specific time can now be added, as known from the normal opening times setup.

Attach a table plan if wanted.

End by attaching a table plan and click Save

Please note that Special Opening Times overrule the normal Opening Times for the entire date.
Creating a Special Opening for Lunch only, will result in the evening being closed automatically.

Create a Special Opening Times– Video guide