Create and manage your table plan

When creating a new table plan, go to Daily Use, and Table Plan Setup

Click New at the bottom, or select an existing table plan to edit.

When creating a new table plan, first add a name, and click “Save”

Now start to drag tables in from the right side. Choose between Rectangular, Circular or Special
The number of chairs is written in the template table

The rules for the table will now open.
Now add the details


  • Table no.
    Assign the table number.
  • Color
    Add a color to the table. The color is only used in the Time Plan. The color can be used to define spaces in the restaurant, indicate for what table the can be booked together or are offline.
  • Angle
    Turn the table to match your table plan.
  • Time
    Giving you an option to make specific settings per arrival time.
  • Intern
    Check if the table should be available for internal bookings. This setting can always be overbooked.
  • Online
    Set if the table should be avaible for online bookings or no. Unchecked tables will only be availble for internal bookings.
  • Priority
    Choose which table should be booked first. The table with the highest number will be assign a booking first.
    The system will always assign as few chairs and tables as possible, no matter the priority.
  • Avail. =>
    The minimum number of guests allowed on a table. Can be used for lager tables that should not be possible to book for example 2 guests.
  • Group
    Group column provides flexibility in terms of tables that can be booked together in the same online booking.
    Two tables with the same group number can be booked together. A table can belong to multiple groups by adding a + between the number. See example picture below
    The following example illustrates this:
    Table 30 – Group X
    Table 31 – Group X
    Table 35 – Group Y
    Table 36 – Group Y
    Table 40 – Group X+Y  This allows table 40 to go into the same group as table 30+31 and 35+36, but 30 and 35 cannot be booked together
    This feature only applies online. Maximum 8 tables can be included in one group.
  • Booking Length
    Time in minutes the tables are occupied for. This will overrule your Opening Times. Only use this option on special tables. Normally the setting should be “Not Set”
  • Group Priority
    Decide whichs tables should be assigned first, when the system need to combine tables for a booking.
Example on Group setting. Table 30, 31, 32 can be booked together. Table 35, 36 can be booked together. Table 40 can be used in both groups.

Change the capacity on a table

Right click on the table you would like to edit, and click delete.

Now drag the right size table into the table plan.

Remember to set the settings again

How to add create or edit a table plan – video guide

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