Setup of Internal Orders

To use Internal Orders, you need to create templates. 
Internal Orders consists of Categories and Products.

Product Categories are basically a folder that can be used to organize your products

Products are elements you can select for your booking.
A product could be a menu, a course or add-ons

As an Admin, go to “Orders Setup” under Daily Use

To create a new category, click “Add product category”at the bottom of the page

Name the category in the right hand side, and save

Now add products. Click on the plus to unfold your new Category, and click Add product.

Add details at the right side of the page

Languages: Choose the language you want to add the name in

Name: Add the name of the product here.
E.g. Half Day Meeting

Price: Add the price per person/item in your local currency
E.g. 50 (In this case 50 Euro)

VAT%: Add the percentage of VAT
E.g. 25 (VAT in Denmark is 25%)

Template: Templates are used to predefine a note to the product.
Let’s use our Half Day Meeting as an example, as it’s always the same that’s included.

AV equipment

Code: Code is only used in connection with pos integration.
Please contact DinnerBooking for more information

Hidden price: If you add a product that doesn’t need a price, checkmark this.
Information about allergies

Hidden quantity: If you add a product that doesn’t need a quantity, checkmark this.
Information about cancellation policies