Online booking rules

Change your rules for the online booking at

Go to Online Booking -> Global Settings


  • Pax allowed per booking 
    Controls the minimum and maximum number of guests per booking.
    If a guest try to book for more than the maximum allowed, they are asked to contact the restaurant.
  • Cut time 
    Closes for new bookings during service. If service starts at 12.00, cut time Lunch can be set to 11.30.
    At 11.30 all lunch times that day will then be closed, only allowing guest to book for dinner
  • No online bookings later than specified hours prior to arrival
    Set a limit for when a booking can be made.
    If set to 1 hour, and a guest want a booking for 18.00, he has to create it at 17.00 the latest.
  • Max days allowed in advance for booking 
    Controls how many days in the future the guest can book.
    If set to 30, guests can only make a booking for the next 30 days.
  • Allow Note
    Allow the guests to write notes for their booking. It could speical requests, birthdays or allergies.