Credit Card Validation

Have guests confirm their booking with a credit card

Online bookings

This module can be activated, so guests in the booking process are asked to confirm their booking with credit card.

The condition can be set on all online bookings, or for specific weekdays and hours.

The booking process
Using this option, we can add an explanatory text in the step in the online booking where credit card
registration will be mandatory.
The text could contain the reason for credit card registration, information about penalty fee (cost) per guest
and terms and conditions for cancellation (fx. min. 48 hr. before arrival). [See picture for reference].

We don’t charge the guest anything in the booking process. This only happens, if the restaurant wants us to
charge a guest for no show. However, in the registration process we authorize a small amount on the card equivalent to 1 € or less, as some banks don’t allow a registration of an amount of ‘0.00’. This authorization will be waived shortly after and will therefore not be charged.

Internal bookings

When making an internal booking, the system will send an email, asking the guest to confirm the booking with a credit card.
This is optional in the booking window, and can be unmarked, if the guest should not receive the mail.

No show

In case of a no show, you can ask DinnerBooking to charge the guest*.
To charge a guest, please write
The email should contain:
Guest name
Booking ID
Full amount that should be charged


Please contact DinnerBooking, at, for more details and prices

*DinnerBooking cannot guarantee that it’s possible to charge all guests.