At DinnerBooking, you can set up your tracking as either a standalone pixel or in Google Tag Manager. If you use more than one tracking or marketing platform, we recommend setting it up in Google Tag Manager (GTM). Using Google Tag Manager will optimize your page loading speed as well – and you do not need to have any coding skills to use Google Tag Manager. Before you start, you must add your tracking to DinnerBooking’s backend.

These guides and tools are meant to help you get started with tracking. They don’t include information about every aspect of restaurant analytics, but they will simplify the process for you. Please note, that DinnerBooking can’t be held responsible for data inaccuracies and decisions made based on gathered data.

Add tracking to DinnerBooking

Learn how to add your Google Tag Manager container ID and pixel in DinnerBooking backend

Google Tag Manager

A complete tracking guide how to setup pageviews and conversions events in Google Tag Manager.