Guest booking messages

Customize the messages to your guests

The communication during the online booking can be edited on, Administration > Online Booking Templates

Online Booking Text – The text displayed under Number of Pax

Booking Comment – The displayed text where guests can make a comment to the booking

Max Pax – If a guest try to make a booking for more than the maximum allowed

No Available Times – If a guest try to make a booking on a date with no more available times

Cancellation Rule Exceeded – When activating the possibility for guests to cancel their booking online, rules of the size of the group that can cancel, or how many hours before they minimum has to do it before contacting the restaurant, can be set. If these rules are exceeded a message will appear. It is possible to add a text in the end of that message

Re-Confirmation Page – If Re-Confirmation is activated, the guests will receive an email asking them to Re-Confirm their booking. On the Re-Confirmation page, it is possible to add a text.