Initial setup

Setup SMS templates

Make your text messages personal Like email templates, you’ll also find SMS templates in the administration tab, which you can edit in the same way. However, keep in mind that an SMS max can fill 160 characters. Do you cross this, you send out two SMSs, which can be expensive in the long run (guests … Continue reading Setup SMS templates

Your profile on

The profile is also used on the enduser app for Ios and Andriod.

Creating table plans

When creating a new table plan, click on the Administration menu in the top right corner.

Table settings

The window for table plans is accessed via admin menu.

Setup e-mail templates

Perhaps you want to show a nice photo from your restaurant, give specific information before they come or remind the guest that they have a magnificent gourmet experience awaiting. Things that can help ensure that the guest gets a whole experience that is completely in line with your restaurant. Here’s what you can do: Make … Continue reading Setup e-mail templates

New users

As administrator of the restaurant, you can always add and delete accesses and initials. Go to -> General Settings -> Access control Here you are able to click Actions to Add Access in the top of the page Type the new users email, and select either Admin or Waiter access. After registering email address and the new users role, you get the following image, where … Continue reading New users

Add booking link to your site

To accept bookings on your website, you need to add the DinnerBooking link.

Google My Business booking link

Restaurant operators can now add a custom reservation link on Google via DinnerBooking.

Basic navigation

Basic navigation in the desktop application See the bookings, arrival time, end time, the name of the guest etc. on the left side See the time plan or table plan on the right side Create a new booking or walk-in in the bottom left corner In the bottom left corner, a booking can also be … Continue reading Basic navigation

Billing information and Invoices

Edit or Add Company Details Go to Billing Information -> Company Details Either add or edit the information for invoices Add a Credit Card Go to Billing Information -> Payment Details Add your Credit Card information See invoices Go to Billing Information -> Invoices See all invoices and download them to pdf

Basic information and contact settings

It is important to add your basic information into the dinnerBooking system On go to Administration > Generel Settings > Basic Information The information is used in the email and sms templates that are sent to your guests.

Opening hours

The window for opening hours (weekly schedule) accessed via the Administrator menu.