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Your profile text on is a summarizing description of your restaurant. It provides the guest with an impression of what is to expect when visiting you – this entails not only the food but the entire experience.
The profile text can include descriptions of:

  • Location
  • Kitchen type and concept
  • Ideology and values
  • Owners
    • Professional profile, experience and personal drive
  • Chef and additional staff
    • Professional profile, experience and personal drive
  • Interior and atmosphere
  • History and name
  • Opening hours

The profile text should be seen as a permanent description. It should, therefore, not include any of the following information:

  • Temporary lockdown, both full and partial. Fx sickness, renovation etc.
  • Time-limited events that do not reoccur.
  • Updates on new dishes on the menu if not because of a concept change.
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Google are experts in knowing what consumers want, and studies have shown that often what we are searching for is found on page one. A good SEO-text will give your restaurant a better ranking on Google.  

  • The text should consist of a minimum of 300 words. 
  • The text may not be copy-pasted from other websites. 
  • The text may not link to the restaurant’s website or Facebook page. 

It can be difficult to stand out in an industry where most people share the same notion of what good food, service and environment are. The profile text will, therefore, try to avoid using sentences such as ‘honest food with a Nordic twist.’ Try and think about what makes your restaurant unique.  


The profile text is created jointly between the restaurant and DinnerBooking. We compose the information that you have given us and turn it into a coherent text with subheadings. We, of course, wish only to highlight the restaurants’ uniqueness and positive qualities.  

It is, however, DinnerBooking who makes the final decision on what information is included and omitted from the profile text. The reason is that DinnerBooking is shown as the sender once the text is uploaded to our website. 

Detailed information about the restaurant makes it easier for DinnerBooking to create a good text that presents the restaurant in the best possible way.  

There is no option for the restaurant itself to edit the profile text. You must contact DinnerBooking if you wish to have the text changed.

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Online Booking text 

If the restaurant has any important, temporary information that you want to appear in connection with a booking, you can write it under the online booking text. 

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Good pictures sell, and they are the first thing the guest sees when clicking onto the individual restaurant. Along with the text, the pictures are there to intrigue the guest further.  


The pictures you upload are part of giving an impression of your restaurant. Therefore, the quality of the pictures must be as good as the quality you provide in the restaurant.  

We recommend that you upload professional pictures in high resolution that show both the atmosphere in the restaurant and the food that you serve.  

A logo or the building seen from the outside does not say much about what it is like to visit you.  

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Responsibility and rights 

It is the restaurant’s responsibility to upload the desired pictures. It can be done in the system by clicking ‘General settings’ à ‘Pictures.’ Here, the restaurant can also choose the order of the pictures.  

When you upload the pictures, it is extremely important that you ensure that you have the right to lease the material to us, so that the copyright is not violated.  

To upload pictures, please see: